Mural: Livermore High


My first mosaic mural was created with John Ascher and our students at Livermore High School. It was a learning process that took us 2 years to develop, and was sadly cut short by me leaving the school. This final mural is roughly 10′ tall and 6′ wide, but its original goal was to be over 50′ wide. (It was a big wall!) I’m grateful to John and this piece for teaching me so much. At my interview for my next job, the owner of the company asked me what was the best thing I had ever created with my students. I pulled out a photo of this, and he immediately said he wanted one on every site they had. I went on to create 6 more full scale mosaic murals with my students. This was the start of a big, important part of my artistic life.

Completed 2010.



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