“Zack + Lela”


My wedding invitations were an epic production for me, I learned a lot from them. The original artwork is close to 18″x24″, but the printed invitation was a tri-folded 8 1/2″x11″. It was the last time I did a fold, or printed it in black and white, because the ink and paper didn’t really handle the fold well. From this point on my invitations have all been shrunk down to roughly 5″x7″ and shipped flat. And colored copied, even if it’s not in color.

The image is a mixture of themes for our wedding, a main one being Hawaii. This is the first time I traced a font to get my lettering, and it’s something I love. The little flaws show it as hand done, but by tracing it I’m able to create something a lot more uniform. I do wish I had drawn our names in my own cursive handwriting, which I’ve done in all my following invitations.

Ink on paper. 2010.

And below is the designs for the magnet save the dates, created when the theme was still monarch butterflies.



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